You CAN make a difference HELPING THOSE IN NEED

Providing Immediate Help and Resources for the Homeless and Underprivileged

Street Pax Providing The Homeless And Those In Need With Blessings-In-A-Bag

You CAN Make a Difference

Our idea was that instead of just ignoring the individual, or giving them a few dollars, that perhaps there is a more positive way to respond to really help someone in need. Our mission is to provide less fortunate homeless and street persons with direct and practical help and guidance, and to let them know that there are people who care about them and their well-being, and to provide them at least a ray of hope that tomorrow will be a better day!

Our Mission

To provide the homeless and individuals in need, with direct and immediate help and encouragement.

To provide the homeless and individuals in need, with direction and guidance to resources which will enable them to provide for their own needs.

To afford those with an ability to do so, a positive and constructive opportunity to assist the homeless and those in need with meaningful help and direction.

How You Can Help

Buy a Bag

You can purchase one or more of our StreetPax drawstring backpacks, which include a “Hello!” or “message card” with a brief greeting and positive message for the homeless or street person, together with a list of suggested items for you to include in your StreetPax blessing bags. Contact us for information on how to purchase a bag!

You can create your own StreetPax bag by using a gallon-size ziplock baggie and filling it with your own items to distribute. Keep one in your car or have it available the next time you come across someone in need!

We value the assistance of volunteer individuals and organizations willing to help procure, gather, assemble, and distribute our StreetPax! If that is something which would appeal to you, please contact us!


You can donate funds directly to our organization, in order to allow us to purchase more bags and the items which we include in our StreetPax, for direct distribution to the homeless and to those in need.

10 Myths About The Homeless

Being homeless is a lifestyle choice. Very few people, if anyone, start out in life with the goal of becoming homeless. But people do lose employment and then their housing. Some run away to escape violence or abusive relationships. Other simply cannot cope with life as they struggle to deal with post-traumatic stress, depression or…
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5 Key Reasons why some People are Homeless?

Some Causes of Homelessness and Barriers to Independent Living, include: Employment issues. Low income wage-earner. Loss of job. Inability to obtain or maintain employment. Lack of job skills. Lack of education. Criminal record which limits job opportunities. Lack of affordable housing. Living expenses exceed income. Inability to pay rent or mortgage. Relationship issues. Loss of…
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