5 Key Reasons why some People are Homeless?

Some Causes of Homelessness and Barriers to Independent Living, include:

  1. Employment issues.
    • Low income wage-earner.
    • Loss of job.
    • Inability to obtain or maintain employment.
      • Lack of job skills.
      • Lack of education.
      • Criminal record which limits job opportunities.
  2. Lack of affordable housing.
    • Living expenses exceed income.
    • Inability to pay rent or mortgage.
  3. Relationship issues.
    • Loss of relationship.
    • Domestic Abuse.
  4. Health Issues.
    • Physical health problems.
    • Physical limitations and disabilities.
    • Post-traumatic Stress.
    • Mental illness.
  5. Poverty / Lack of Resources.
    • Poverty / Lack of Resources
    • Racial disparities.
    • Youth with a history of abuse/neglect/trauma transitioning into adulthood.
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